Business Process Management Essentials Workshop

Do you want to enable yourself or teams within your organisation to manage business processes without long-term external intervention?  

The Business Process Management Essentials workshop will give you the tools you need to start you on the road to self-sufficiency.  Please call us on 0845 125 9612 to discuss the content of the workshop in detail.  

Workshop overview

The purpose of the workshop is to provide practical guidelines, instructions and exercises to enable you to establish long-term process improvement programmes within your department or organisation.  The workshop lasts for 1 day and uses case studies and exercises to provide delegates with a framework for managing processes and carrying out and implementing improvements.

The key workshop topics are:

  • Identifying when a process needs to be improved

  • The steps towards making improvements 

  • Implementing new/revised business processes

  • Guidelines on monitoring process performance

Who should attend

The workshop is suited to anyone who owns or manages a service (e.g., HR, IT, customer orders) or a process.

Dates, location and cost

Workshops usually take place in Central London.  However, we will also bring the training to you!  If you are based in the UK and would like to discuss this option, either e-mail or call 07960 588 834.

The cost per attendee is £425.00 plus VAT, payable in advance.  Rates are negotiable for sessions delivered in-house and for multiple bookings.  Please contact us to discuss.

Click here to complete a booking form.

Scheduled dates

  • There are currently no scheduled dates but we may deliver workshops on-demand if required.


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