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Issue #1 - A business re-organisation scenario

A company decides to integrate two business functions.  As one team, the coordination and distribution of bulk purchases can be streamlined, reducing the time between a request from a customer to the Purchasing team.  

There are several ways to approach this scenario, not all of them appropriate for the organisation.  To receive a copy of the document outlining two of the approaches available to this company and their likely outcome, click the Add to Cart button below. The cost is £0.70, plus tax.

Issue #2 - Revamping your business / CSR briefing / Why change programmes fail

Organisations often operate with business processes that are either outdated or redundant. Many of these processes have not evolved with their owning functions and consequently have lost their relevance over time as roles, responsibilities and customers’ requirements change.  Download this issue of Commentary to find how we might be able to help should this scenario apply to your organisation.

Companies operating as responsible corporates are either working to deliver positive impacts or to reduce the negative impact of their company on communities and their immediate and wider environment.  Download this issue of Commentary for a summary of what this usually means to an organisation and how we might help.

A study was conducted recently into why programmes to bring new ways of working into companies often fail.  Download this issue of Commentary for a summary of the findings from this study.

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Issue #3 - Benefits of employee diversity / Is outsourcing your best option?

Discussions on diversity are often limited to race and gender. This uninformed view may limit the scope of a company’s diversity policies so it is important to understand more about what is meant by encouraging and managing diversity in the workplace.  Download this issue of Commentary for for more information and for diversity facts and figures for the UK.

Before making the decision to outsource, think long-term; how sustainable, from a business perspective, is this option? Is outsourcing truly the right option for your business?  Download this issue of Commentary for tips on how to determine whether outsourcing is really your best long-term option. 

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Issue #4 - Enable diversity in your workplace

Diversity and a healthy work/life balance play an important part in attracting and retaining good quality employees. Is your organisation embracing this reality or merely taking the relevant steps “only when absolutely necessary”?

Download this issue of Commentary for assistance on how to assess whether your organisation is striking the right balance.

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Issue #5 - Changing my organisation - where do I start?

At it's most basic, you need a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning is your reason for making the change, the middle is your strategy and the end is the implementation of your strategy.

Buy this issue of Commentary for a straightforward guide to making changes within your organisation. It costs £0.70, plus tax

Issue #6 - Structured programme and project planning

The aim of this issue of Commentary is to provide basic guidelines on developing programme or project plans. Anyone who is in the process of or is about to develop a programme or project plan should find this useful.

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Issue #7 - Start your project on the right footing

A process improvement or process-redesign programme cannot succeed without real and comprehensive support at senior level. Senior in this context does not mean Project Manager, unless the Project Manager is a senior executive and a major budget holder. Without the appropriate level of support, your project is doomed to failure. 

Buy this issue of Commentary for straightforward guidelines on how to start your project off on the right footing. This issue of Commentary costs £0.70, plus tax.

Issue #8 - Having workable policies / Who approves your company's expenditure?

Have you published instructions on how to instigate each policy? Is staff aware of precisely how the policy will help them? Are the objectives of the policies open to interpretation?  Buy this issue of Commentary for guidelines on how implement workable policies within your organisation.

Who reviews your company's expenditure?  Are there guidelines governing how your company’s funds are spent? If there are, are these guidelines widely known and enforced throughout?  If you answer “no” to either of the above questions then your company is vulnerable to financial errors and fraud.  Buy this issue of Commentary for straightforward guidelines on how to reduce the risk of fraud within your organisation.  This issue costs £0.70, plus tax.

Issue #9 - Don't start your programme without a strategy

In a business context, a strategy is the thing which states in definite and objective terms the design for your business function or your organisation; in other words: what you want to do, why you want to do it, how you plan to do it and what you expect to achieve by doing it. 

The scenarios in this issue of Commentary should help to provide a clearer picture of what this might mean to you. Click the Add to Cart button below to buy this issue. The cost is £0.70 plus tax.

Issue #10 - Implementing a business strategy

Commentary issue #9 outlined the importance of having a clearly defined strategy before making significant changes in your organisation.  This issue provides guidelines on how to bring your strategy to life by developing a supporting business approach and costs £0.70 plus tax.

Issue #11 - Corporate responsibility begins at home

Companies have been aware for many years of the commercial benefits of supporting good causes.  However, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that few companies put as much emphasis on initiatives which might benefit their own employees. 

Click the Add to Cart button below to buy a copy of our overview on where some companies might risk damage to their reputation by not ensuring their employees are treated fairly and well. It costs £0.70 plus tax.

Issue #12 - When stakeholders won't participate

What if the people or organisations identified as key stakeholders (e.g., users, customers, process owners) have no interest in or appetite for the project or its deliverables? If a key stakeholder is reluctant to participate, contribute or feedback on the project, stop and check your position. 

Buy this issue of Commentary (£0.70 plus tax) for detailed guidelines on what to do when your stakeholders will not participate in your project.

Issue #13 - Whose views drive your organisation?

It is widely accepted that each of us see the world in a slightly different way. Colleagues seeing the world in slightly different ways present risks to the way an organisation operates. If the people we work with see the purpose of their role, the purpose of the organisation or the way a task should be carried out in different ways, there will be confusion.

Buy this issue of Commentary (£0.70 plus tax) for straightforward guidelines on how to ensure that your teams work well together and and provide consistent levels of service.


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